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Your Driving Instructor Franchise
By The Driving Academy

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nicky-harrisWithout a doubt the best way to work out if the driving school is for you is to read the agreement.

We think you will agree, that if you spend a few moments reading our driving school franchise agreement you will understand exactly what you can achieve.

It is also important for any ADI to know what is on the table and what we expect from you so we can make a successful partnership.

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These terms are not designed to tie you in knots or to keep you locked into a contract, they are designed to help you as a driving instructor and the franchise. I believe that in any form of agreement both parties must benefit.

From You The Instructor.

1. You car must carry the livery of the driving school
2. The livery is priced at £150 and is paid upfront and placed on your car before the business services commence.
3. You will need to provide a photo of you either in or next to your car once liveried, this will be used for marketing purposes, for example on the driving school website.
4. The franchise fee can be paid weekly or monthly and must be paid by either Paypal or direct debit.
5. The current fee is £75 pw, the monthly fee is 4.3 times that amount
5a. You franchise agreement is rolling, either you or the franchise can cancel at anytime.
5b. There are no franchise free holidays and this has been reflected in your fee. However if you wish to have 4 weeks a year, you can pay an additional £5.77 per week.
5c. The franchise runs a bonus and rewards scheme based upon performance.
6. All fees paid into the driving school franchise for the first 3 months will be spent on advertising you (hence the need for the photo…every little helps)
7. After being with the driving school for 3 months you can start the qualification process of receiving a bonus. The bonus is paid every 3 months, it consists of a team and a personal bonus and the targets are the same for all instructors.
8. Prior to joining you skills will be assessed and actions points made be agreed between the instructor and The Driving Academy, these actions could include such things as 121 support, or help with diary management.
9. When working with any client the interior of the car must always be presented as neat, tidy and smelling fresh.
10. Due to health and safety obligations you are required to send full details of all of your pupils to the franchise, including self sourced pupils.
11. Once a practical test has been booked the franchise needs to be informed.
12. It is requested, rather enforced, that you only do one driving test per week.
13. You must inform the franchise of how many tests you have booked in for the following month. Text message on the last day of the month is fine.
14. Every time you receive a cancelation from a pupil you must inform the franchise by text.
15. When your standards check arrives you must inform the franchise.
16. All pupils must be given a progress report card.
17. All pupils must have a mock test.
18. All mock tests are conducted by the franchise and we will make every attempt to share them out equally.
19. Before a pupil goes to test they must have completed their pupil progress report card to the standard of independent.
20. Always make sure you have time after the test to give a full debrief.
21. Always text the result of the test to the franchise along with a photo of a happy pupil (no tears just smiles please)
22. If the test ends in failure you are to the ask the pupil if they would like to reserve their usual lesson time for the following week so they can develop on their areas of development.

From The Driving Academy

1. We want to help you feel really confident with your skills, so from time to time 121 training will be provided for you. This may consist of sitting in one of your lessons, you playing the role of an examiner on a mock test or perhaps training from outside the car. We have lots of concepts to help you.

2. We like our advertising to be branded and personal at the same time, so we will be running advertising campaigns not only for the school but also for you.

3. Because we want you to succeed we will be offering a rewards scheme, these are announced at our instructor meetings.

4. For the first 3 months 100% of the franchise fee goes into advertising your name.

I personally hope you appreciate where I am coming from when putting this agreement together because I want both of us to be successful.


Nicky Harris